Changes to Family Assistance Law from October 10 2016.

The Australian Government is bringing forward measures to strengthen the integrity of the child care payments Compliance Framework to ensure the delivery of high quality, flexible and affordable child care to families.

What are the changes?
The changes commence from 10 October 2016 and will ensure that child care fee assistance is not payable for:
• care where there is not a genuine liability to pay fees - this means child care services must charge a fee for child care
• care that is predominantly transport - such as a bus service or driving children to and from school
• Family Day Care (FDC) provided in the child’s own home, or where the parent is present

Here you will find a family information page that outlines the changes commencing on October 10 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns about the listed changes, please call the office on 42 97 8987.

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