To download your copy of the PARENT HANDBOOK, click HERE

Other SKFDC Policies and Procedures, you may find useful are listed below.
Excursion Policy
Service Philosophy
Child Safe Code of Conduct
Child Safe Policy
Arrival & Collection of chn from- Service
Governance & Management of Service
Exclusion Periods Explained
Medical Conditions. & Medication Administration
Infectious Illness Policy
Collaborative Partnerships with Families & community
The Role of Educators, Families Other Household Members
Risk of Harm Reporting Procedure
Grievance Handling
Grievance / Complaint Form
Safe Sleep, Rest and Relaxation Policy
Under the National Quality Framework requirements, SKFDC is required to have an up to date Quality Improvement Plan. We welcome your input to our continuous improvement and value your opinion. For a copy of the Service Quality Improvement Plan, please contact the office.
For feedback please contact admin@skfdc.org.au or contact us by phone 4297 8987.

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